Psychosmics Riff w/ SASQUATCH


Psychedelic / Stoner / Doom / Sludge concerts at Bratislava!

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Sasquatch is a rock band from Los Angeles, CA. They tend to sip on influences from 70's metal, rock, and psychedelia. Their songwriting approach is clear-cut; keep the focus on the hook.
The band was born in Philadelphia in 2000 and moved to Los Angeles in 2001 after Keith Gibbs (guitar, vox) joined up with Detroit natives Rick Ferrante (drums) and Clayton Charles (bass). Upon Clayton’s departure in 2007, the guys recruited Chicagoan Jason Casanova (Behold! The Monolith, Tummler) to join the fold. We arrive at 2017 and Dr. Craig Riggs (Roadsaw, Kind, Antler) is now shellacking the kit when he's not brewing coffee or watching the Red Sox.facebook: support
till end of june: 8€
till end of september: 9€
gate: 12€

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Fuga Námestie SNP 24
81101 Bratislava


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